Five forms of help


Chronic/long standing pain management and education using the BPS approach. (Biological, Psychological, and Social factors)
This addresses pain and/or discomfort that has arisen with or without a specific 'event', and has failed to decrease or resolve over the course of weeks/months or years. The BioPsychoSocial approach is a more holistic and interdisciplinary model centred on individual care.

For those of us that experience Chronic Pain (more than 3-6 months) this means that our nervous system is acting a bit faulty. Under normal circumstances our nervous system will raise the "alarm" and we experience pain. When the nervous system feels "safe" again then the pain normally goes away. However in some cases the alarm continues to sound off, leaving some people experiencing pain for weeks, months or years, without any proper explanation.

We will examine the reasons that the nervous system would do this from a BioPsychoSocial perspective, and look at management techniques to help deal with this phenomenon.



BioPsychoSocial Approach

This approach simply means that we consider all aspects of what may be contributing to chronic pain conditions. From how we think about it, to our emotional connection with it, and the physiology of what is happening at a neural and tissue level, which ultimately creates our individual pain experience.