These resources are organised into five 'forms' of help that are generally required. These resources can become an integral part of your wellness journey.
Physical therapy can help speed and guide you through the natural healing process. It can also help identify the root causes of acute discomfort, or address chronic pain conditions.

These resources address both acute and long-standing pain management, to restore function and to increase mobility. Treatment plans are tailored to help restore optimal function with a range of rehabilitation, strength & conditioning programs. There are also solutions specifically tailored for athletes to incorporate into personal fitness regimens.

  1. Acute Injury
    A recent event that has caused pain such as a bang, twist or sprain of a joint. In this section we look at the healing phases, things that will help immediately and best practice for the following days and weeks.
  2. Acute Pain (without obvious injury)
    In this section we will look at why you developed 'new' pain or discomfort without knowing how it may have happened. We’ll look at how to approach this, in order to help settle these pain-signals and address the root cause.
  3. Chronic Pain (BPS Approach)
    Pain that hasn't resolved after an injury, or long-standing pain without any specific cause, can be confusing and debilitating. In this section we address treatment options from a Biological, Psychological and Social approach.
  4. Mobility Issues
    A sense of decreased mobility, stiffness and the loss of full movements are very common. In this section we examine underlying causes why this happens, and look at ways to counteract it.
  5. Rehabilitation/ Strength and Conditioning
    A lot of people find it difficult to return to full function after an injury or having been in pain. It is important to follow a plan to help achieve this, so here's where we can have a look at how this can be done.