Five Forms of help required - Acute Injury


This addresses physical trauma, sprain, strain or twist caused by a specific one-off 'event', that is followed by pain/discomfort/swelling and altered function.

Timely intervention after an acute injury supports the healing process and ensures a more straightforward path through the various phases towards rehabilitation.

Intervention at this level is rehabilitation.
Occasionally acute injury require *immediate medical assessment.
These indicators are definitive red flags:

  • Disfiguration
  • Inability to take pressure
  • Numbness / Pins & Needles

Note: that's not a comprehensive list, but these are of serious consequence.
Please seek out immediate attention!

Phases of Healing

  1. Inflammatory Phase
    First phase of tissue healing -
    (up to 3-6 days afterwards)
    RICE - Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation.
  2. Remodling
    New Collagen repairing damaged tissue -
    (from 6 days to six weeks)
    Encourage blood supply with gentle mobility and loading exercises in a progressive manner.
  3. Maturation
    Third phase of tissue healing -
    (6 weeks up to 12 months and beyond)
    Strengthening and building resilience of collagen at repair site.