Five forms of help required - Acute Pain


Acute pain without obvious injury  addresses the onset of pain/ discomfort in the absence of an obvious 'event' that may have caused it.

We don't always need to damage or injure ourselves to have pain.
Pain is a protector and an alarm system and will precede injury.
However it is not always clear why we get pain:
(ie. "I just woke up this morning and I had a pain in my back."
or "I just looked around and got a stabbing pain in my neck."

But we know that our nervous system is picking up 'danger signals' and setting off an alarm to protect us.


3D Cartoon form showing a painful elbow

Red Flags for Acute Pain

Signs and symptoms that may indicate a serious underlying pathology, requiring immediate medical attention:

  • Ongoing pain (under 18 or 50+)
  • Thoracic pain
  • Lumbar pain (of non mechanical origin)

Note: This is not a comprehensive list, but these flags indicate the need for further investigation.